I purchased this myself after using the full travel system a few times. I needed something smaller to go to and from the car and that didnt take up a lot of space. This attachmemt was perfect for what i needed it for. It was her primary transportation but now we use the full size for daily activities bc she needs more space. Awesome idea and highly recommended.
The Chicco Viaro is a sportier model, one that fits in with your active lifestyle in style. It includes the very popular Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat, which topped our list with a 9.9 rating. It holds infants from 4 - 30 pounds. The stroller holds infants and children up to 50 pounds. The stroller’s open dimensions are 38.0” L x 25.5” W x 41.25” H. Folded dimensions are 13.5” L x 25.5” W x 33.25” H. The car seat is 22” L x 17” H x 24 “ W.

This budget-friendly system maneuvers easily on many surfaces with its 16” rear and 12” front all-terrain bicycle tires. It’s easy to assemble. It’s easy to fold up with two hooks on each side. The rubber bicycle tires help make the ride very comfy for your kiddo. They’ve held up well for those who live in dry climates with thorny plants and sharp rocks.
For the price, this is a good system, but don’t expect it to last through more than one child. The stroller is sturdy for those who are only going to use it for walking and travelling. For running, it may wear out faster. Always inspect every part as soon as you get it and contact the seller or manufacturer immediately if something breaks. The warranty on this system is also about 180 days, so you may have issues getting replacement parts past that time frame.

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is durable, light weight, and has all the bells & whistles. Parents are extremely happy, children are comfortable, and it is extremely easy to put kids in & take them out. Baby Trend offers an all-terrain car seat stroller combo. It’s the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System with EZ-Loc infant car seat:

The braking system felt a little awkward to some parents, especially when wearing sandals. You press it down with your foot to engage, but have to lift it up to disengage. One parent felt the wheels were a bit too small for uneven terrain. The carrier fabric lacks some breathability, so your baby could get sweaty in hot weather. Chubby babies or those who are on the high side of the growth chart may feel too cramped in this seat.

In just a few short months, your baby will be sitting up on her own and ready to ride in her stroller without the car seat. Since the usual stroller should last until your child is 50 or more pounds, you’ll want one with good suspension and easy maneuverability. A sleeping 3-year-old can often feel like they weigh a ton, so you want something you can push around easily without breaking your back and waking her up. The stroller should also be easy for your toddler to climb in and out of without having to be picked up.

Travel System safety starts with buying a quality stroller carseat combo. When considering a car seat stroller combo, it makes sense to do the research on the products you are considering buying. Start by reading the descriptions of the products and by visiting our car seat stroller combo reviews section to see what other parents have thought about these products. User reports on a product will tell you more about the product than any other source.
Infant car seat is the first type of baby car seat for most of new parents. It can only be installed rear-facing, and has a convenient, removable carrier that connects to a base installed in the car. In this way, car seat provides the best fit for new born and smaller babies, and can be used for children from 4 lbs. to 40, depending on the model. Note that kids will probably get too tall before they get too heavy for these seats. A child is too tall when the crown of his head is less than one inch from the top of the carrier shell, or they exceed the height limits of the seat. Price range: $60 to $300.
The BOB brand was found as a neccessory brand for bicycle riders and morphed into one of the most reliable manufacturers of strollers – optimal for the active parent. Because of multiple advancements in their technologies over the years, BOB has become known for their smooth-riding strollers. The strollers standardly have pneumatic tires, rugged suspension for all terrains, adjustable handlebar, 5-point harness, swivelling (and lockable) front wheels, rear brakes, total seat recline and more. This carrier model is certified for air travel, constructed with energy absorbing foam for safety, with level indicators on their adjustable car seat base. Colors available: Orange, Navy, and Black.
Babywearing is my go-to for dining in restaurants, shopping and most outings and errands with an infant. How do I eat while babywearing? I use the wrap/carrier itself or a nursing cover to cover baby's head (while leaving their face exposed for safety) and let my food cool down before I start to eat it. I also refrain from drinking hot drinks (coffee, for example) while babywearing. It might sound silly but I also use a spoon sometimes instead of a fork to minimize food dropping on baby (rice, for example).

Most car seat stroller combo  are designed to accommodate your growing baby but you cannot take this for granted. Establish how long you can expect the car seat to last before you have to purchase a larger one, and likewise with the stroller. These are very important points if you are on a tight budget as you would preferably like to use your car seat stroller combo for as long as possible. Some travel system strollers have car seats which are suitable from birth to around 55 lbs while others are birth to 22 lbs so this highlights the need to shop carefully.
As a classically trained chef and an enthusiastic DIYer, I've always valued having the best tool for a job—whether the task at hand is dicing onions for mirepoix or hanging drywall. When I'm not writing about home products, I can be found putting them to the test, often with help from my two young children, in the 1860s townhouse I'm restoring in my free time.

However, a reader pointed out that you won't know the size of your newborn until they've arrived and they may be too small or too short for your seat. Good point! If you'd like to start out with a convertible car seat, make sure you've picked out an infant seat to buy quickly in pinch or have one lined up one to borrow just in case your baby arrives smaller than expected. 

Try to find retailers that will let you test-install a seat in your own car, which is great, since we’ve found that cushion angle or seat belt placement can make a car and child seat incompatible. You should also consider a store that accepts returns and defaults. Large department stores like Babies ‘R Us, Walmart, and Target offer a limited range of products in stores with a wider selection available online. Online retailers such as Albee Baby, Buy Buy Baby, Diapers.com and Amazon offer an even larger selection of seat brands and models. Most of the retailers offer free shipping on child seats. Make online shopping only after you’ve seen the models in real life. You can find higher-end models at specialty stores or boutiques.
Even if your child is older than one year and does not need help walking, seat the child facing the rear. As long as you follow the safety guidelines, rear-facing installation affords better protection for the child's head, neck and chest in the event of an impact. Your child will be safer, even if his or her legs are touching the back of the vehicle seat.
Travel System safety starts with buying a quality stroller carseat combo. When considering a car seat stroller combo, it makes sense to do the research on the products you are considering buying. Start by reading the descriptions of the products and by visiting our car seat stroller combo reviews section to see what other parents have thought about these products. User reports on a product will tell you more about the product than any other source.
Chicco’s duo of infant car seats, the KeyFit and the KeyFit 30, both do extremely well in our tests. Both also prove easy to use and install in a variety of cars—a big distinction given that car seats are too often installed improperly. The Chicco KeyFit 30 accommodates little ones up to 30 pounds, giving you a longer window of use than the Chicco KeyFit, featured above, which maxes out at 22 pounds. 

Update: car seat came in. The Nuna pippa fits perfect! Idk what the bad reviews were over. Do you people not know how to tighten a strap for goodness sake?! Ive shaken it and the seat did not budge. I was not about to spend money on a single matching Nuna stroller knowing I plan for another ASAP and will need a double. chances are I'll go with this brand for the double as well. It's light and will do well for flight travels. In my pic there is a stroller organizer that is not included.

Besides your budget, one of the most important aspects of knowing which travel system to buy is your lifestyle. Do you rarely leave the house? Do you live in a city or in a suburb or way out in the country? Do you enjoy hiking or jogging or just simple strolls around the neighborhood? Do you fly or use public transit or ride shares a lot? Do you have twins? Look for a system that fits your lifestyle, whatever that may be.
Love it! I dont leave it on my car seat for everyday use as I find it is harder to get the seat to click into the base....but that is just me. I used this for going on a trip and absolutely loved it....not sure what I would have done without it. I flew with my daughter with no other companions. I could carry the carseat, diaper bag and another bag and still had my hands free! Highly recommended!!!
Ease of use. Read reviews to see which car seats are easiest to use. This, in our opinion, is the most important factor for safety. A car seat that is difficult to install or use increases the chance of a malfunction. Look for a travel system that includes that seat. The stroller should ideally be easy to unfold/fold, easy to push, and easy to attach/unattach a car seat.
Without an infant car seat carrier, there IS a little more strategy involved when you're preparing to go on a new outing. Sometimes I do find myself in an unexpected moment of problem-solving. For example, when I took my 4 month old swimming without bringing our stroller and had to figure out what to do with him while I got dressed. But I have always been able to figure out a solution (I dried off while holding him as best as I could and then laid him down on both of our towels on the floor while I changed. The towels were going in the wash when we got home anyway!).
For our first baby, we opted for a single stroller that reclined flat and began using that once baby was about a month old (the Baby Jogger City Mini). With our second babe, on most outings we still use the single stroller for the toddler and I wear baby. The nice thing about this option is that when toddler is out and exploring (at a park or library, for example), I can recline the stroller seat flat for the baby.  
From my experience, starting babywearing early is very helpful for getting your baby used to it. I’ve collected a total of 4 carriers (several were purchased used) and have different preferred uses for each and have found that each of my babies had one that they most preferred in the first two months - the Baby K'tan with my firstborn and the Moby wrap with my newest addition.
Walk through the stroller department of any baby store and the number of options is enough to make your head spin. Most of them fall into just a few categories. An umbrella stroller is lightweight -- a good option for quick trips or travel. A sturdier stroller may be what you need for walks outdoors. And if you plan to exercise with your baby, consider a jogging stroller. Other features to think about:
Your first concern should always be the safety of your child. Make sure a prospective convertible car seat puts safety first with features like impact foam technology, adjustable harnesses, and buckle locations. Also consider options like head support (or adjustable headrest), side impact protection, machine washable seat pads, and a LATCH system for attaching car seat directly to your car.
The Italian-made Peg Perego Booklet Travel System is a high-end car seat stroller combo. It is a simplistic yet classy design that features everything parents need to keep their child comfortable and safe while on the go. It features the Primo Viaggio 4/35 infant car seat, which scored 9.5 on our list and holds babies from 4 - 35 pounds. The stroller holds babies and children up to 50 pounds. Stroller unfolded dimensions are 38.5” L x 21.5” W x 40.8” H. Car seat dimensions with base are 28.5” L x 17.25” W x 26.5” H.
Our roster of brands includes favorites like Diono, Britax, Graco, Evenflo, Clek, Summer Infant, Munchkin, and plenty more. Within this broad mix, you'll find car seat accessories including car seat protectors and rear facing mirrors–plus excellent gift ideas for anyone on your list. Find the right car seat according to your child’s age and stage. We even offer our Subscribe & Save program to help you save money while stocking up on all your car seat essentials.